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Hi, Friend, I’m Ted Ciuba, freelance marine B2B copywriter, and my business is making your web site and all your communications that contain words work better.

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 El Amador, Panama Canal

Revenue From Most Websites Can Be Improved 20% - 300% With Conversion-Oriented, Search Friendly Copy.

What’s Your Website Doing For You?

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"We completely revamped the website design, copy, and SEO for a family dentist. Her results have grown every month."

Results? The first year was 400% increase in revenue.

- Christina Auck

Marketing relies heavily on “copy” – the words in your web and print publications.

But not all words – or “arrangements” of words – are persuasive. Most people simply can’t create persuasive copy. And no conversions = no sales. Case closed.

Then there’s the other major dimension of web writing today… You rely on traffic. All things being equal, the more traffic you get, the more you sell.

You already know you've got to have a website. Today 89% of all buying decisions are researched on the supplier’s website. Buyers don’t go to a catalog today, they go to the web.

And how do they find you? They go to Google!

And a full 71% of all buys start with a search (Google & Millward Brown Digital).

And don’t tell me you’ve got a rep who calls on your prospects, because Hubspot has found that buyers who initiate the search themselves are 8x times more likely to convert than when a rep initiates the process.

What this means is simple.

If you don’t have a search engine optimized (SEO) site, you're not even in the running!

The whole game of conversions, what you stimulate on the website, only comes into operation after they’ve got there.

Yep, you’ve got to grab their attention when they’re on the website – but you have to get them there first!

So both dimensions, good SEO and copywriting are essential in today’s web-first world.

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The 7 Deadly Web Marketing Mistakes That Sink Ships

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How many of these 7 Deadly Errors are you making?

“Google-friendly” words that generate targeted leads, close them, and bank the money

That’s what Marine B2B Copy... 

...specializes in –

good persuasive copy 

made with

good SEO

supercharged with social media.

It is persuasive, “Google-friendly” words that generate targeted leads, close them, and bank the money.

Most sites are lackluster in both dimensions. You need both - copy and SEO cooperating at high levels.

But that only gets you solidly into the game.

The winners play the social media hand for all it's worth.

If your pages aren’t social, you’re missing out on the single easiest way to get the multiplier effect working for you. When one person tweets from your page, they may hit hundreds or thousands of your prospects…

Speaking of which, why don't you take a moment and tweet his, to see how easily it works?

“It’s not the company with the better product who wins, it’s the one who markets better. You either embrace this, or lose business to your competitor who does.”

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Then, when you get things working right, that’s when you take time off and go boating!

When things aren’t working right, there’s no joy nor relaxation anywhere… It affects everything in your life… Doesn’t it?

I’m sure you already know this…Business-to-consumer, or business-to-business… “Fair” or not – in today’s world, it’s not the company with the better product who wins, it’s the one who markets better.

You either embrace this, or lose business to your competitor who does.

Good, persuasive, social, “Google-friendly” copy makes you money in many ways, among them:

  • It helps you get found by your audience
  • It sets you apart from your competition
  • It tells your story in an engaging way
  • It answers your audience’s questions
  • It encourages the next step in the buyer’s journey

The Need For A Renaissance Man Web Marketer

And, of course, the web doesn’t consist solely of persuasive words and search engines.

Truth is, in addition to your product or service and offer, you need someone with the experience and savvy to pull together the several disparate web page skill sets required…

Today, you don't have any choice when you're playing the web game seriously to generate dependable, adequate income for you.

In addition to persuasive copy, search engine optimization, and social, the good copywriter writes with a sensitivity to, and ability to develop or write within a strategic content plan, and recommend or provide graphics, video, and design elements.

And all this has to be mobile optimized!

If it's not mobile optimized, it's the kiss of death.

Mobile now makes up 66% of all web traffic, and it's trending upward still.

If your site is not mobile optimized, smart Google, who wants to create a positive user experience for their searchers, won't even list you!!

That means you're guaranteed ZERO traffic from Google, the search engine controlling 96% of the mobile search market!!

Can you afford that?

Your page must load fast - or surfers simply leave.

So what do you do?

You write fewer words. Simple words.

Your writing has more impact.

It relies heavily on images.

Paragraphs and sentences are shorter.

Your copy has to be scannable and scrollable.

To capture the differences, while recognizing the similarities, I've adapted one of our culturally well-known statements to say:

"Effective mobile writing is web writing on steroids!"

While both desktop and mobile are healthy contenders in surfer access, from the programming and presentation side it's something you'd better be paying close attention to.

It's that much different, it packs that much more punch.

But, while few are going to beef up their bodies with steroids, when it comes to marketing on the web today, you ARE marketing on mobile.

Play that game, or you lose before you start.

Who ya gonna call??
Ted Ciuba

Precious few – in spite of their individual skills in their core area of expertise - bring together all the elements necessary to bring you the perfect storm of sales…

Most are either a copywriter, usually B2C, without marine qualifications…

Or an SEO technician…

Or a web designer...

Or someone who hasn't kept up - lost with mobile... In the swamps when it comes to social.

Most are operating without a marked sensitivity to the other aspects of copy and websites that sell… Operating with serious deficiencies…

You deserve better. Get an experienced pro, someone who's mastered those disparate seemingly Renaissance man skills in today's marine b2b market, one that works with sensitivity to everything the web entails, so you get results.

When you’re ready to inquire about getting some of this ”copy that floats your boat” working for you, simply start the no cost, no obligation conversation by contacting us.

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The 7 Deadly Web Marketing Mistakes That Sink Ships

(and how to fix them)

How Many Of These 7 Deadly Errors Are You Making?